Magnetic Midnight on the Lost in the Dream Tour

Inside the Beacham Theatre last Wednesday night was like being on a different planet. Lost In The Dream, the latest album by The War On Drugs, created an atmosphere that drowned out all notion of the hipster bar crawl going on outside in biker-ville Orlando, Florida.

Having the top spot on album lists by big guys like Uncut, Pitchfork, Spin and NPR, The War on Drugs are no longer strangers to packed out venues. And yet they made the big brick box Beacham seem somehow intimate. Kind of like story time… on a different planet.

The mood peaked toward the end of this verse in an “Ocean Between The Waves”:

Just wanna lay in the moonlight, see the light shine in, see you in the outline. It never gets too dark to find, anybody at anytime.

In this KEXP performance, the lead singer describes that song as having a “midnight vibe”. I feel like the whole concert Wednesday night had a similar feel. There was a sense of stealing away from the world at large, witnessing magic—capturing something rare, like the sight of the aurora borealis.

This is truly magnetic midnight music. The whole concert was like the shimmery wash of a shooting star, punctuated by the powerful chorus sections and the breathy dylan-esque inflection of the lead singer.

DSC03784 copie



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